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Oct. 23rd, 2008


Advertising ^^"

I started a community for translations of J-Music blogs, interviews and the like, with 2 friends.
It is only about 2 days old and doesn't have much content. But visit it anyways, please. Contribute if you want to (and know japanese XD). Everything is welcome.

Oh and we do REQUESTS. So feel free to spam us with work :)


Apr. 7th, 2008


Back from Japan...

... and I don't want to be here in Germany.

I felt more at home in Japan in those 3 weeks than ever in my whole life in Germany T__T

I want to go back T^T

Mar. 16th, 2008


日本 ー 日本

I'm going to Japan for 3 weeks starting tomorrow. So if anyone is trying to contact me through LJ (what I don't expect XD), be aware that I might not have any internet access until around April, 7th.

X Japan, I'm coming XD

See ya guys!

Feb. 19th, 2008


X Japan

O M G and WOAH!

I will be attending the first X Japan concert (Mar 28)

This is a dream coming true <3

And now I'm broke XDD
Aaaaaand I don't fucking care XDDDDDD

Dec. 31st, 2007


most important ^^ therefore: sticky entry

I'm here for communities.

So don't expect regular updates...

...or comments on personal journals.

Thank you.


Aug. 16th, 2007


I hate ...

... burials....

That's just not my way of saying good bye. (-_-;)

Oct. 8th, 2006


Yay ^^

Long time no post >_< I've been busy lately.
My holiday trip to Spain was great. We had lot's of fun ^^ though the small city was totally dead XD Nothing happened there, absolutely nothing O_o I would have died of boredom if I'd gone alone. But I had 3 friends with me so it was fun ^^.
When I came home, all became a bit stressy *_*. Bad news concerning my aunt ... Then I had to prepare my celebration for Miyavi's birthday XD Then my own birthday, tomorrow's the birthday of a friend and in a week again the birthday of my sister and of another friend of mine O_o. Octobers are full of celebration XD.
Best thing in the last weeks: I finally pushed myself to get a piercing! ~^__^~ After weeks and months of thinking about it, I finally DID it XD So now I have a Miyavi-tribute-piercing *LOL*. Lower lip, right side, two days old now ^^. I can insert a ring like Miyavi's in two or three weeks if everything goes well. Maybe I post some pictures then, I need new pics anyways X_X. *hates pictures of herself* And I love my lip! No swelling, noting hurts, amazing XD.

So I have one thing left: to bring myself to cut my hair! That's such a difficult decision. I invested so much time into my hairs, waited patiently for them to grow for 4 years.... And I love them deeply. But I want a change... I'd like to have a Miyavi-style haircut *wants that for months already*. But hair dressers here never do it right. It doesn't matter how many pics I show them, it never looks like it! *desperate* If I go to get them cut and I look horrible afterwards... well, then I sacrficed my long hair for nothing T_T. *wishes to be able to cut hair herself*
*reads post again*
*clears throat*
Ignore my random babbling XD Just felt the urge to write something XD

Sep. 25th, 2006


Promotion: doitsunokomyv

Konban wa, minna-san!

I’d like to promote a new community. I hope it’s allowed, I checked the rules and did not find any prohibition. Anyways, dear mods, if this is inappropriate here, please leave me a note and delete it!

On to the Promotion! (including pics and downloads ~^_^~Collapse )

x-posted like (really) crazy to ____miyavi, _psc_, cult_of_miyavi, elegance_myv, gacktianity, letsbeambitious, m_y_v, meev_graphics, miyabi_dear, miyavi_daily, miyavi_media, miyavi_no_kirei, miyavists, xx_miyavi_xx, shame1ess

Sorry to everyone who sees this more than once (I’m afraid some of you will see this way too often…) *gomen ne~* I’m really feeling guilty. But I want to make the community as big as possible, and that’s the only way I came up with… so please forgive me *bows*

Sep. 3rd, 2006


Trip to Spain!

Just wanted to mention that I'm off for my holiday! I'm going to Spain for one week, with 3 friends. Guess it'll be fun. I'm back on September, 12th. Hopefully I don't miss so much here on LJ ^^ Checking all the community-entries will take quite some time when I'm back XDD

And I only have one day left when I'm back home to think about how to celebrate Miyavi-sama's birthday! T_T So I guess it will be a small party all for myself XD *wants to go to Japan to one off his birthday-concerts*

So byebye for now and see you in 1 week!


P.S. @Sugar: I hope you received my eMail this time? Let me know when I'm back ~_^

Aug. 10th, 2006


getting some new obsessions >_

Having to much free time is killing my brains o-O
I don'T really know what to do, pretty boring here in my &"%§"& small city...
So I spend my time in front of the computer ... and get some new obsessions, some renewed, some elaborated... *coughcough*

If anyone reading this did NOT realize that Kai from Gazette has one of the cutest smiles on earth: I can proof that ^^ and his skills on the drums.. O__O woah! HE's so great *suppresses fangirling*
smile with KaiCollapse )

Second: I'm elaborating my Aoi-Obsession. I always liked him most of all Gazette members, but after seeing him live and so, it gets a bit "psychic" o_o° May also be 'cause he always reminds me of Miyavi a lot ^^ So I'm posting some random picture of this hawt guy *starts drooling while deciding which*
Don't blame me if you start to drool XDCollapse )

And last for today: Aoi x Uruha!! I don't find words for this XD
*speechless*Collapse )

My English is nuts today... Just ignore it...

And now I'm off to clear up my download folder ^_^ So many new thingys to enjoy ^_^

P.S.: Did that lj-cut-thingy work ? I'm still not used to it, hope I don't kill someone's friendspage with this, gomen ne *bows*

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